Festival goers attending Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival this weekend are invited to take place in an exciting environmental arts project.

Cape York NRM and UMI Arts have combined to form the Cape Create Crew and are delivering the Transforming Trash project to help people understand about the effects of rubbish, particularly plastics in our environment.

The vision of the Cape Create Crew is to improve social, emotional and environmental wellbeing across Cape York through environmental awareness, education, promotion and collaboration, by linking our environment, arts & culture.

Project coordinators Andrea Gower and Waratah Nicholls said everyone is very welcome to come along to meet the Cape Create Crew at the Transforming Trash art stall over the weekend.

“There will be children’s activities and with your help we want to create a public art installation that will be a fun and unique addition to the Laura landscape, providing key messages about waste disposal, littering and the impact it has on environmental, social, cultural and economic values of Cape York” said the Cape Create Crew’s Andrea Gower.  “Under 12‘s must be supervised by an adult” she said.

The Cape Create Crew will also visit the Laura State School on 22 June to deliver Litter Ed an environmental education program developed as part of the project.

“We will be teaching about the horrific effects that rubbish has on our environment and creating recycled art pieces and an installation from rubbish collected locally” said Waratah Nicholls.

Donate Your Rubbish

The Cape Create Crew is calling for donations of clean recyclable rubbish, excluding glass.

Please deliver them to the stall at the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival.

Materials needed include:

Plastic bottles (no glass), plastic containers, hard plastics, polystyrene, plastic bags, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, magazines, rope, string, wire, fishing net, bottle lids, tops, tin cans, backing board for mosaics, e.g old table tops, doors, ply wood boards etc.

Found objects: e.g. shells, seeds, pods, drift wood.

Unique objects: e.g. thongs, toothbrushes, fishing reels/rods.