Did you know there are approximately 46, 000 indivdual pieces of plastic floating in every square mile of the world’s oceans?

This garbage impacts more than 100, 000 marine mammals, and one million seabirds each year.  Affected are 77  species of Australian marine wildlife, 20 of which are currently listed as endangered.

In 2000, a rare Bryde’s whale died near Cairns and when examined, the mammal's stomach was compacted with nearly six square metres of plastic sheets, bait and fertilizer bags, zip top bags,  several metres of plastic strip, innumerable supermarket bags and pieces of frayed rope.

Good news! Every piece of marine debris removed from the ocean or picked up from the beach represents one less piece of possible impact on marine wildlife.

http://www.reefed.edu.au/home/explorer/hot_topics/marine_debris/marine_d ebris_on_the_great_barrier_reef

pic of sea garbage net