Story by Gavin Bassani, Operations Manager, Lama Lama Rangers

The Lama Lama Community and the Lama Lama ranger team gratefully acknowledge the recent donation of critical safety support equipment from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). This support ensures that rangers are able to carry out water safety measures for the people of the community.

The AMSA support helps Lama Lama rangers to safely on-water manage approximately 65kms of coastline.  This stetch of the coast provides food sources and habitats for turtles and dugongs, and for the critically endangered SnubFin dolphin and sawfish.  The marine ecology hosts many seabirds and an abundant array of sea life, including crayfish, inshore reefs, oysters and fish.  The adjacent land holds important cultural sites.

A special thank you to Adrian Davidson of the Torres Strait Office, for his assistance.