Pic of boat on horizon

The aftermath of Queensland’s cyclone and flood disasters continues to negatively impact marine life, with turtles and dugongs struggling to find food in flood-affected waters.

Marine species in poor health spend more time at the water surface, increasing the likelihood of boat strike, and rendering them less able to fight currents and escape entanglement in fishing gear. To help protect these marine species, DERM has developed the following advice for boaties:

  • Go slow for those below - slow down when travelling through dugong and turtle habitat; take extra care in and near seagrass beds.
  • Get the guide - know where to travel slowly and maintain recommended speed limits.
  • Be seagrass savvy—take care not to damage seagrass by careless anchoring or bait collecting. When digging for bait, always replant the seagrass sods.
  • Be a considerate crabber—check pots regularly and take them home at the end of the day. Use weights and floats on crab pot ropes, to avoid loose ropes floating about in the water.

People, who see sick, injured or dead marine animals, should phone the marine animal strandings hotline—1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625). http://www.derm.qld.gov.au/link/2011issue07/marine_strandings.html